Writing Wins and Woes: The Importance of Journaling


About a month ago I posted new year’s goals. Among the goals was writing every day. Part of the writing I included journaling. Why is journaling so important to a writer?

The first reason is Duh! It’s writing practice. When I’m journaling, I can write random thoughts, information, anecdotes, events, pretty much anything I darn well please. It’s very easy writing. I don’t intend to publish it, so I can write without pouring over the contents. I can journal a thousand or even two thousand words a day easily.

The second reason is that it’s fun to write. Journaling is a lot of writing about myself. Let’s face it. I love to talk about myself. If you’re honest, you do, too. I do have a blog after all. When I’m journaling, I talk often (maybe mostly) about myself.

It’s free spirited. When I journal, I’m free to say whatever comes to mind. No one is going to see it unless I want to show it to them. I can whine. I can complain. I can exaggerate. I can go on and on and guess what? No one gets bored. Nobody else is reading it but me.If I bore myself, I switch to a different subject.

It can inspire me. Sometimes when I’m journaling, I come up with some writing ideas. In fact, it should. Here’s where work and play can intermingle a bit. A genius story line might result just from writing random thoughts.

Lastly, some day it might be fodder for a biography. Yeah, I know I’m thinking big here, but you don’t have to be a celebrity to write your story. You can do it for a writing magazine, (or any magazine for that matter) or a book. If you have a unique life,( and who doesn’t?) your life story is interesting to read.

So journaling can count much more than just the words it contains.


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