Writing Wins and Woes: Changes

dunkin at door

I hate changes. Doesn’t everybody? Summer turns into fall, which turns into winter. I hate that. My dog dies. I hate that. My financial security meets a snag. I hate that. No, my dog didn’t die, and my financial security is always meeting snags. Hey, I’m a writer, but some changes are good. We all know that. After winter, comes spring. Now I find myself liking change. I sold a story. I love change. I got a new puppy. (I didn’t, by the way) What a great change! Unless, of course, he chews up my rugs, furniture and half my house. Yes, that did happen to me.

All writers evolve. They have to. I took a walk down memory lane, and looked at my submissions process. When I first started this painful process, I was submitting mostly to Christian magazines, children’s ezines and some high name places. I never got into any of those high name places, so I hardly ever submit to them anymore. I changed, didn’t I? I submitted to Pockets magazine every month for about two years. I quit doing that. Why? I didn’t once have a story accepted. I was putting in postage, paper, printing ink and envelopes and getting zero back. I changed. I started submitting only online. It saved me money.

Guess what? These changes seemed to work. In the four years I’ve been submitting stories/articles my writing income has increased. Last year I earned four hundred dollars more than the previous year. Yay! Hold your horses. I am far from a success story. I haven’t yet had one lousy book published, unless you count stories in anthologies. Not even one good book published. So I changed again.

I wonder if I’m doing right. I’m concentrating on getting a book published this year. If I made more money last year, shouldn’t I stay the course? It depends. Is my goal making money or getting a book published? These are all things writers need to think about.


4 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: Changes”

  1. Hurray for only submitting online! I made that switch early on and now I do it exclusively. It’s kind of a turn off if I have to submit something over mail. I definitely feel you in that last paragraph too. I’m kinda going through the same thing as of late, but unfortunately capitalism seems to have made up my mind for me :/ Good luck!

    1. Hey, I may change my mind. I was thinking next year I may say I haven’t sold hardly anything and I still haven’t had a book published. Bad choice. I hope not, though.

  2. The fact that you are learning and still progressing is a great thing 🙂 I’ve often wondered myself about why I write. I orginally wrote to see if I could. And then when I loved it so much, I wanted to share it with people. And now that I’m finding the query and editorial process so tough, I think I would be happy with validation. Something to say – yes, you belong here 🙂

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