Writing Wins and Woes: How to begin?


It is almost February and I have not moved even a snail’s pace into the agenting arena. I am so stuck with “How do I begin this process?” Yes, I have Holly’s article on How to get an agent? Link for that is here:

I know about agentquery.com and I’ve looked at it before. Every time I do, I get overwhelmed with the amount of agents. It is so difficult to say to myself “I entrust my baby with this stranger.” It’s almost like finding a babysitter for your kid. I never trusted anybody but my parents, my husband’s siblings or a few times a very responsible teenage girl from church. How can I do less with the work I’ve toiled over?

I’m beginning to see a flaw in my character. I often do nothing and hope the situation rights itself in time. Guess what? That may happen with a facial blemish, but it’ll never happen with writing. I’ve got to make it happen somehow. Nobody is going to email me tomorrow with, “I’d love to publish your book. Send it right over.”

So, February starts my big agent search. Follow along. I’ll let you know how it goes. If you have any advice, no matter how big or small on how to pick an agent, let me know. I’m aware that I’ll probably query many before one even shows the vaguest interest in me.

Next week, I’ll post on what I’ve done in my baby steps to find an agent. Say a prayer for me. Thanks.


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