Writing Wins and Woes: Facing Failure

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This is kind of a personal post. Actually, many of my posts are personal. I’ve always felt like a bit of a failure, or maybe more than a bit. That’s probably why I like Charlie Brown and the Peanuts comics. Charlie Brown is always saying he feels like a failure. I’ve felt that way much of my life. I dropped out of college in my second year even though I was doing well. I was on the road to being a teacher. I satisfied myself with teaching kids in church and in Good News Clubs. I taught my own kids at home. Sometimes, I did a lousy job at it. Again, I felt like a failure.

We had this kid I taught in church. His name was Gary. Gary hated to behave. He was a constant distraction in class. We (my husband and I) tried to remove him from class and he grabbed both sides of the metal folding chair. He had to be carried out chair and all. After he was out, he proceeded to crawl under a table. We visited his parents and asked them to not send him for a while. When he came back, I started a reward program. Gary got a whole candy bar if he behaved in class. The entire class cheered when Gary got his candy bar. Not one said, “Where’s my candy bar?” They were just too glad that Gary actually shut up.
It was right after that Gary stopped coming to church. I felt like a failure again.

Now, I’m a writer. And I fail. I’m not going to do the whine box this week, but I had two rejections again this week; one from Daily Science Fiction and one from Kids’ Ark. Writing provides me with failure after failure. In between, I get a success here and there. I am in Heaven when I get acceptances and publications.

What is the point to all this? It’s that I continue to write. I face my failures every day and I write more. That’s what writers do. That’s what people do when they fail. You don’t have to be a writer to fail, do you? You can fail as a parent. I’ve done that. You can fail as a worker. I’ve done that. You can fail as a student. I’ve done that, too. You can fail and fail and fail. Guess what? If you haven’t given up, you’ve succeeded. So, go ahead and face your failures. Sometimes you must fail before you win.

Thought for the day: A failure is only a stepping stone to victory.

3 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: Facing Failure”

  1. You are brave to even send out your work. The person who can do that has succeeded more than the one who sits back wondering what it would feel like to put yourself out there. You’re not failing: your living.This industry is tough – like any creative industry. And sometimes, I think we are shoved through these trials just so we can handle the criticism that inevitably come from readers who don’t view our work as their ‘cup of tea.’ Chin up 🙂

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