Writing Wins and Woes: Life as a Fairy Tale

bee story

I feel compelled to blog about fairy tales because tomorrow is the big day for the issue of Timeless Tales to be revealed that contains my story about bees. I’m very excited about sharing another fairy tale. I love fairy tales. I grew up on Disney. Of course, life isn’t really a fairy tale, is it? Especially not for writers. You wrote this fabulous story. You submitted it to a place, say Arrendale or Rapunzel’s Tower or somewhere. A tall handsome prince of an editor reads it. He loves it. He says send me more. I’ll publish anything you write, wonderful you! By the way, how about a book offer? Ha ha. I can dream, can’t I? Isn’t that what fairy tales are all about? Dreaming for wishes to come true. And after all, once and a while they do.

In honor of my fairy tale blog, I review a book I just finished. The book is called, The Wonder Clock by Howard Pyle. These are fairy tales extraordinaire. I love the one about the The White Bird where three princes go in search of an apple from the Tree of Happiness. These stories have dragons, which I love, magical creatures, princes, princesses, witches and all the stuff fairy tales are made of. What I liked best about it was the wonderful drawings for each story, also illustrated by the author. Bravo. Here’s a link. You can get your copy for the low, low price of $1.99 on Amazon for Kindle. I have a print copy which I got at a book sale. Yay, book sales!

I have no whine boxes or brag boxes this week. I also had no productivity, as I was sick and had to work extra days and extra hours at my job. Bah!

Thought for the Day: Grab a good fairy tale book and read away! Also, shameless propaganda, tune into my blog tomorrow for a link to Timeless Tales and read some modern day fairy tales! Then, write one of your own!

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