Writing Wins and Woes: The Best Kinds of News

Lucy and cover photo 005

What does a writer get excited about? Mostly, they get excited about publications and acceptances. Well, I’ve found a lot of new things to be excited about as a writer. For instance, I’ve had my first cover story in a printed magazine. Okay, it’s not the Atlantic or the New Yorker or something earth shattering. It’s Guide Magazine, a Christian kids’ magazine, but I’m still excited. The illustration of my story made the cover. Wow!

Also, I am excited because TA-Da! Finally, my Daily Science Fiction story is going to be posted. The big date is Wednesday, Oct 15th, folks! I will be linking to it that day because I am super excited! I’ve been waiting for forever for this. Yes, when I say forever, all the writers out there know exactly what I am talking about.

And my good news is not over. I am going to be doing a guest blog on Blogs by Christian Women. Yay! This will be on Monday of next week, so I will have three blogs next week, instead of one. I hope I’m not overplaying my hand. I hate to inundate people with my blogs. I will link to this as well. So, join me Monday, Tuesday and Friday of next week for my good news blogs. Friday, I will be doing my monthly stats for September, a bit late, but I still want to do it.

Thought for the day: Make the most of every opportunity as a writer. Stretch your vision, set some goals and go for them.

4 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: The Best Kinds of News”

  1. This is the best post ever! I was so excited about Walking Dead this Sunday, but now I finally get your story too. What an amazing week! Seriously, I’ve been checking the DSF site like mad. Picture me grabbing the monitor and shaking profusely. “Put it out already.”

    And you’re on the cover of a magazine. You just keeping rocking Shari. This is awesome.

  2. Sorry that I had to change the date of my Daily Science Fiction story. Apparently they sent me a wrong date. It is actually slated for Wednesday, not Tuesday. One more day of anticipation.

  3. Hooray! Sorry I’m late to the party. What a great week: a cover story AND DSF. I’m so glad you kept going and reading them and sending them stories. It really paid off! I can’t wait to see it tomorrow!

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