Writing Wins and Woes: Brag Box Edition

Oct GAK Aussie animals

Time for another brag box edition of my blog. I must admit that I love these brag box editions. The whine box, not so much. However, this particular edition I want to give huge props to Guardian Angel Kids, who continue to publish my work and help me follow my dream.

Brag Box
I had another article accepted this week in Guardian Angel Kids, the Aussie animals theme. I chose to write about a little known animal I stumbled across in my web surfing, called the Quokka. If you’d like to learn more about this little guy or other fabulous Aussie animals check out the Guardian Angel Kid October issue. Here is the link:

I’ve done much better in my writing this week. In fact, I went over and above my 3000 word goal, so I am bragging about that, too. We all know pride comes before destruction, so I end my bragging now, at least for me. Instead I will send huge applauds for Holly Jennings, who wrote an amazing article on querying about two weeks ago on the Enchanted Spark website. I am including a link for this article. If you are a writer, you’ll want to read it. It’s full of helpful information. Here it is: http://enchantedspark.com/wordpress1/2014/09/10/guest-blog-by-holly-jennings-the-query-letter/
She actually wrote it a few weeks back, and I wanted to link to it on my blog, but I was remiss. Thank you, Holly for your expertise in this area. In the future she’s going to do an article on agent searching, so tune into Enchanted Spark or keep an eye out here for a reblog of that article as well.
Thought for the Day: Help yourself out in your writing by learning to present yourself better to publishers. The first look may be the only look they give you.


4 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: Brag Box Edition”

  1. I was so excited to see this was another Brag Box edition! Good for you and great word count.

    Thanks so much for the praise. This was completely unexpected. I’m so happy you found my post helpful. I hope the next one will turn out.

  2. I believe now that I can refine my queries in hope that publishers will at least read my synopsis. I was professional, I believe, but I don’t think I was conveying the right information. Gratz on promoting Aussie animals πŸ™‚ When I make it big, I would love to donate money to our wildlife :). Oh, and the RSPCA πŸ™‚

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