Writer’s Wins and Woes: Whine Box Edition

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Well, this has been an eventful writing week, but not in a good sense. Because I am submitting more again, I am also receiving more rejections. So I am introducing a new feature to my blog. It’s actually just a refining of an old feature, but who’s to argue with me about my blog? As I have always been painfully honest about my rejections, I am instituting the Writer’s Whine Box, where I will post my rejections in the week I receive them. On more fortunate weeks, I will post Writer’s Brag Box, with links to my stories, if applicable. Anyway, without further ado: I present Writer’s Whine Box:
Writer’s Whine Box
Personal Rejection from SQ Magazine:Verdict: interesting Premise but needs rewrite to connect the reader
Personal Rejection fromFreeze Frame Fiction: Verdict: interesting but needs polishing. More unraveling of MC’s character
Rejection from Saturday night reader: over word limit
Rejection from T. Gene Davis Spec. Blog: no comment
I’m sensing a pattern here. I need to connect the reader more to my main character. I need my main character to be more personable. etc. etc.

So, yeah, you got it. Four rejections in one week. It does sting, but I’m learning as I go how to make little improvements to my stories. I’m making some dumb mistakes which I need to correct, and I’m seeing where my work tends to mediocrity. I need to step up my game. Polish, Polish, Polish. Too often I submit the raw materials that haven’t been cooked thoroughly. Rare is not always good with writing.
Anyway, I press on. If you’re smart, you will, too, fellow writers.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Wins and Woes: Whine Box Edition”

  1. I love how you’re posting about your rejections. We all get them, and this is certainly an inspiration to other writers to keep moving forward. Also, the fact that you’re accepting the criticism and looking for ways to improve is another sign of a mature writer. Most would push the comments aside and fail to grow.

    I hope next week is better. I’m rooting for a “brag box”.

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