Writing Wins and Woes: A Scathing rejection

Hershey and vacation 2014 047

I wanted to transport myself back to this scene before entering this post. This is Baltimore’s peaceful inner Harbor. I was feeling relaxed that day. Today, I am unsettled and unsatisfied. Why? Because my writing life isn’t taking off in leaps and bounds, I’m not maturing fast enough as a writer, and worst of all, I’m disappointed in me.

I received a scathing rejection. Okay, I’m being overly dramatic. It wasn’t as horrible as I portray. It was just full of little criticisms and what is worse, I believe I deserved 90% of them. My story was too simplistic, not enough plot. It could have been more interesting. Am I becoming a lazy writer or is my mind closing to new and more ingenious ideas?

So, what’s the purpose of a rejection:
1. To let us know we need to improve something in our writing.
2. To encourage us to try again.
3. To write something different.
4. to remind us that we’re not perfect, and never will be.
There’s probably a bunch more, but that’s starters.

Also, I’m a little down about my last post. I entertained the idea of a new Paint Splashes Contest. I called for comments, and I got one comment. I must admit. I’m a bit discouraged about my lack of views lately to my blog. Maybe, it’s boring, too. I’m certainly not encouraging readers. So, how can I improve my blog? What do you think? And again, I ask, is there any interest in a new Paint Splashes Contest. I can continue blogging for my own benefit, and I like to do that, but I started this blog to encourage would be writers to keep trying. If I’m not accomplishing that, I feel a little sad. So, comment, people. If you have read this blog, let me know that I’m not just typing into dead air.


6 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: A Scathing rejection”

  1. You take from it what you can and if you agree with what you’ve heard then you now it was worth hearing. You hear things at certain times for the right reasons but you also know when to stick to your guns and go with your gut.

  2. That sucks about the rejection 😦 I was sorry to read about it.

    I read your blog every week even if I don’t always comment. I really enjoyed the Paint Splashes contest, but I closed my own contest down for lack of submissions. I think you have a lot to offer in your blog. Blogging is a tricky thing. Perhaps more blog hops would help. You seem to get lots of comments when you do those.

  3. I’m in the same boat as Melinda. I read your blog all the time, but don’t always comment. I’ve found that your message to keep trying as a writer has impacted me. There have been times when I’d receive a bad rejection, and your words were exactly what I needed to hear to pick myself up again. Please keep going in your endeavors! I’m sure there are more people reading this who might not comment, but are touched by your words.

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