Writing Wins and Woes: New Contest?

Hershey and vacation 2014 020
What do you spy? I spy a possible new contest. Did you ever play I spy with my little eye when you were a kid? Well, I’m spying something new right now. I feel so bad that the Photo Flare Contest is over (for now) and that Spellbound has gone the way of so many other good ezines that I am thinking of re-starting the Paint Splashes Contest one more time. It will be a new painting, of course, but the prizes will be the same $10 for winner, $5 for runner-up. Only the pleasure of choosing will be all mine this time. It will run for three months, from September something to November something. After which, I’ll choose two lucky stories. It will be flash again as well. What do you think? Should I give it another go? Please comment. Unless I know people will actually enter and send me some stories, it won’t be worth it. I’m doing it this way. If I get at least ten comments from this post, saying you are interested in entering the contest, it will be a go. That doesn’t commit you to entering. I just want to see interest as of now. Also, as a new feature, I may let you choose between three paintings you can write about, instead of just one. Inspiration comes in many forms. Okay? How about it? New writing contest anyone?


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