Writing Wins and Woes: Trees, trees, trees

If I told you I love trees, would you be surprised? After we moved into our house with our tiny little yard, I still wanted trees. However, our tiny yard could only support one tree. Despite that, I planted three, a silver maple, a red maple and a pine tree. The silver maple was the only one to survive. However, since then, a mimosa tree has planted itself and refuses to die. I love the pink fluffy blossoms, even though our yard is not big enough for both trees. Our silver maple has survived rough winters, ice storms, and a lightning strike, as well as blight. No wonder I consider it almost as a member of the family. It weathers the rough times just like we do and still perseveres.

This week I had another story bought and published on Enchanted Spark. Here is the link: http://enchantedspark.com/wordpress1/2014/08/13/the-tree-by-shari-l-klase/ Here are some links to some other tree stories I wrote: http://www.enchantedspark.com/photoflarepastwinners.php?s=congratulations-to-our-march-winner-shari-l-klase-2 Tree of Life http://www.knowonder.com/tag/girl-story/Tree of Knowledge. This story can only be fully accessed by joining the story a day club with Knowonder. But as you can see, I do love to write about trees.

I didn’t get any rejections this week. I did get one acceptance from Enchanted Spark, and I submitted to two places, Guardian Angel Kids and The Twice Upon a Time anthology. Finally finished my fairy tale retelling.

Thought for the Day: Don’t think you have written too many times about the same subject as I have with trees and dragons. Find new twists and write some more. There’s always another interesting spin on a topic. Find it and fill the world with wonder.


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