Writing Wins and Woes: The Long Road to Rejection

good drive 019Yes, I have faced rejection again this week. This time from Strange Horizons. I was expecting it but it still didn’t sit right with me. My story, I think, was a good one, and it didn’t deserve rejection. All writers think like that. It particularly bothered me this week because I was feeling rejection at my job as well. I felt this way because of a statement my boss made from his vehicle to mine as I was leaving work at the end of a long, hard day. His statement wasn’t deserved either.

This is what we face all the time as writers. Remarks that are either cruel, apathetic or at best, cool. The rejecting ones at least. Once in a great while, we get the “I loved it.” and we as spoiled writers often say, “It doesn’t make up for the last twenty remarks that burned into our souls.” This to prove that I’m not as thick skinned as previously reported.

It’s a long and I’ll add, hard road to rejection. I will travel on it again and again. And so will you from many avenues. It’s best if we take our lumps and learn from them. I’m enjoying a book right now called “Writing for Dollars” and in it he states, that “a professional writer is an amateur writer that doesn’t quit.” I don’t care if I got a sort of rejection on my day job. I’m a writer, after all.


One thought on “Writing Wins and Woes: The Long Road to Rejection”

  1. Rejection is always tough. What matters is you keep going. Think about how many people quit or change under pressure. It takes more strength than I think most writers are willing to credit themselves with to keep going every day. Good for you, Shari!

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