Writing Wins and Woes: Being a little wiser

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I just wrote a very wise post but unfortunately, wordpress didn’t know that I wanted text with my picture. Ever since WordPress’s blog changed, I can’t figure anything out anymore. Before the change, I chose what I wanted, Text, picture or link. Now, I don’t know how to add the image and the text together and there’s only Beep, Beep, Boop. I’m not interested in Beep, Beep, Boop. I just want my picture with my text.

Rant over. Okay, What I said before was that I am a little wiser as a writer now. I don’t put all my hopes and dreams into every submission. I no longer cry over every rejection. I realize there will be a lot more rejections than acceptances. I found out my acceptance percentage was 12 % and I realize I’m excited about that. Also, I submit to places I’m more likely to be published in. I started out submitting to The Sun, Ploughshares, Highlights and Cricket. Now, I submit mostly to ezines, small presses and those just starting out. I’m just glad to see my stuff anywhere. Sometimes, I shoot for the stars, but mostly, I’m thankful just to be published here on Earth.

This week, I did get two rejections. One was from T. Gene Davis Speculative Blog, and another from Tales of the Talisman. I was disappointed but I didn’t shed one tear. I just looked for other avenues. That’s what wise writers do.


5 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: Being a little wiser”

  1. Good for you, Shari! Your acceptance rate is amazing. I think that’s an excellent frame of mind too. “Always have the next market in mind for your submission” is what someone advised me once, and they were right. It’s easier to think “Rejected? Now I can send it to this one. Yippee!” than to be disappointed. It’s still hard at times, but staying positive is key.

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