Writing Wins and Woes: Cats as Dictators

My cat is a dictator. There are cat people and dog people. I’m proud to say that I am a dog person, but it is my cat who rules. She wakes me up in the morning, whether I want her to or not. My dog tries to keep her at bay but she maneuvers deftly around her to achieve her desired means. She jumps on my table; especially at eating times and she tells me exactly when it is time for her to be fed, frequently. Anyway, all of this is an intro to the book, The Master’s Cat which is a story about Charles Dicken’s cat, who was also a dictator. At the designated time his cat would lift a paw and snuff out his candle, letting him know it was cat time. In the book, it was Dicken’s cue to tell a story to the cat; usually a portion of one of his books. I love this book because it is a light tale interspersed with little nuggets of the life of Dickens and his stories; along with little anecdotes about his cat. It is well worth reading.

Now, for more good news. I have had another story published in Guardian Angel Kids. The issue was on Sidewalk Art and my story is a fairy story. Here is the link:


I also want to include my stats for June in this blog.

Shari’s Stats:

Submitted: 5

Rejections: 2

Acceptances: 2

I submitted to two places this week: Tales of the Talisman and the Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers Contest. I did some writing this week and I hope to do some more today so I am slowly adjusting to my new life.

Thought for the Day: Don’t let life or cats be your dictators. You hold the key to your own destiny. Make it a good one.


One thought on “Writing Wins and Woes: Cats as Dictators”

  1. Happy 4th of July. Congrats on your latest publication! Great stats. Keep submitting!

    I’m a dog person, but I don’t have much of a choice. I’m fiercely allergic to cats.

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