Writing Wins and Woes: Shadow Land

Writing Wins and Woes: Shadow Land

I saw a movie once about C S Lewis called “Shadowlands”. It is a love story about Lewis and Joy Davidman. For those who haven’t seen it, Lewis is reluctant to marry and marries for convenience but later falls in love with Joy. Only three years into the marriage, she gets cancer and dies. This is a dark time in the life of Lewis, but he comes out of it victoriously.

Of course, all of that is meant to tell that we all enter times like this. We are in the “Shadowlands”. Life can be confusing, disorienting and dark, but in the midst of it all, we can find ourselves encountering just the thing that is going to be the impetus for change. Making us far better than we were previously. To stay the same is to stagnate.

So I’m changing. I’m learning, and I wrote this week, despite full time work, despite being tired, no, not tired, exhausted. It was only 450 words but it was words fought for and I’m proud of them. I’m keeping on my quest.

I submitted to Guardian Angel Kids and Dreaming Robot Press this week. I got a quick rejection from the latter for my middle grade fiction book. It’s discouraging because I really want to see it published. I’m not quitting, though.

Thought for the Day: Definition of a shadow: A dark shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface. Light is coming.


6 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: Shadow Land”

  1. Good for you for still writing. There are times when I’ve cheated and taken a few weeks off. Keep going!

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