Writing Wins and Woes: When Life is a Blur

Writing Wins and Woes: When Life is a Blur

I almost didn’t blog today. I didn’t want to. I felt discouraged, sad, tired and discontent. It was, after all, my first week of full time work. How does one have the energy to write at all when eight hours of your day are used up? Really, it only allows enough time for the basics of life.

What do you do when life is a blur?
1. You stop and breathe.
2. You allow yourself time.
3. You realize that you will adjust, or adapt if you are a Star Trek fan like me.
4. You keep a positive outlook.
5. You write when you can.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to write again, but I know I will write again. This too will pass. Things will eventually get better. When life is a blur, focus on what is important. If you don’t know what that is, make a list and evaluate or even re-evaluate. Then work on one small thing at a time.

I did manage to submit a couple of things this week to T. Gene Davis’ Speculative Blog and Spellbound. I also got a rejection this week from Unfettered. Even though I haven’t written anything this week, I’m moving forward even if my blurry focus makes me hit a few bumps in the road.


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