Writing Wins and Woes: The sky’s the Limit

Writing Wins and Woes: The sky's the Limit

Well, this is a quickie. I am always running behind since I started working. I plan and re-plan but always end up late. I liked this picture of the sky. Not only beautiful but limitless. That’s what writing is. Unlimited potential, as long as you keep on writing; keep on believing and keep on submitting. The pace can be fast or slow. It’s your call. You might say, I didn’t do enough writing this week. So what? Do more writing next week. Each step forward is still a step. I submitted to only one place this week, Enchanted Conversation, but I can work at it some more tomorrow or the next day or the next. The key is not to quit. So this week, when you’re writing, remember the sky’s the limit. Don’t stop dreaming.


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