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the financier

Today, I thought I’d do a brief book review on a book by Theodore Dreiser. It seems funny to me, poorer than poor, reading a book about finances and the Stock Exchange, but the Financier is about a bit more than finances. It’s a story about embezzlement, illicit affairs and cover-ups. This story could have been written in modern times. It gets bogged down at times in financial jargon but most of it is very riveting.
I liked everything Dreiser wrote, including Sister Carrie and An American Tragedy. If you haven’t read anything by him, you are missing out.

I had an acceptance this week. Yay! From the Kids’ Ark for the June issue. I’ll get 15 copies of the magazine and payment for the story. I also had a rejection from Flash Fiction Online.
I’m sorry this is short but I’m off to work.

Thought for the Day: Don’t get discouraged by rejections. They may keep you from writing. They often do me. Rejections aren’t a step downward, they are a learning tool. Use them as a challenge.


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