Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer’s Blog

What is your favorite thing to write about? I love to write about dragons, among other things. Dragons are fierce, dominating, and powerful. When they are around, people take notice. See any similarities? Yes, this is how every writer wants their work to be approached. I want to be a fierce writer that conquers (in the publishing world, of course)

So far this month, my domination has been lacking. I had one acceptance from Guardian Angel Kids. I am so thankful for them as they continue to accept a majority of my work.
I haven’t had so much success with my resubmit to Knowonder! I still haven’t met their approval although they’ve invited me to try again with this story. My other resubmit to them I haven’t heard back about yet. I had another rejection from The First Line. I’ve tried there repeatedly, as well. No luck. The first story I submitted to them, they said they liked but they had too many stories similar to mine. Ever since, I’ve never even merited another personal rejection. I wonder what I’m doing wrong.

I sent another story to Daily Science Fiction. I’ve been rejected by them over and over again. I know they like flash stories and mostly, science fiction. I like to write flash stories but I prefer fantasy over techno mumbo jumbo. I like science fiction. I just find it difficult to write it without sounding laughable.

I submitted one story to Timeless Tales, another to Enchanted Conversation, because I love fairy tales, and two to the Photo Flare Contests. I urge any writers out there to submit to Melinda’s contests. The regular contest pays $50 and her flash pays $10 like mine. All stories must be in by next week. Details can be found on her blog on my sidebar.
While we’re on the subject, please enter my contest as well, Paint Splashes. Details found here:

This week besides the Photo Flare Contest, I submitted to Guardian Angel kids for their Unique Art issue. If you enjoy writing for kids, I urge you to try writing there. Details are again on my sidebar.

Thought for the Day: I know they say, write what you know, but I say, write what you love. What do you love to write about? I’d love to know.,


2 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer’s Blog”

  1. I definitely agree with write what you love. Joss Whedon, demigod of Comic Con says, ‘Write the fun parts first, because when you go to tackle the hard parts, you’re already close to being done.’

    I love writing about non-human characters (robots, virtual creations, mythological creatures) and then finding the human element within them.

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