Paint Splashes Flash Contest

Paint Splashes Flash Contest

For today, I thought I’d reblog info on my contest, Paint Splashes. A month has gone by and I’ve not gotten many submissions, so I’m replugging.

The contest is based on my husband’s painting, as pictured. Please make your story pertinent to the painting. It is a flash contest. That means all submissions should be 1000 words or less, please.

Winner will receive $10 paypal money. Runner-up will receive $5 paypal money, so please have a paypal account. It is free to set up the paypal account. Both winner and runner-up stories will be posted on my blog around the beginning of April. Contest ends March 25th, 2014. Winners will be notified by April 1st.

Please mark your subject line with Submission and story title, at least. Please put all submissions in the body of the email, no attachments, please. I’m wary of viruses.

I will send out a confirmation email that I have received your submission within a few days of submitting at the very least. Please send submissions to: If you do not receive a confirmation email, I did not get your submission. Resend, please.

I will notify all entrants whether they win or not, by April 1st. I hope I haven’t missed any necessary information. Any genre is accepted. Format is not important. Just please keep grammar errors to a minimum. I reserve the right to edit those, but any changes will be approved by the author. You have all rights to your story.Please keep submissions PG. My daughter and husband will choose the two finalists and then, I will decide the winner. Thank you in advance for entering. Now, please, send your entries soon.


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