Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer’s Blog

Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer's Blog

This week we had an ice storm. This followed a snowstorm two days before. We thought shoveling 7 inches of heavy snow was hard, but the ice storm hugged electrical wires and weighed them down until there were thousands of power outages, and of course, slippery, treacherous streets to navigate. I, for one, am longing for balmy spring.

This is how the writing life often is. Treacherous sometimes with power outages when we are not succeeding but eventually it will be spring and stories will flow smoothly and sell again.

I submitted to Enchanted Spark’s new contest, Photo Flash. Check out both her contests here and submit.


I also resubmitted a story to Knowonder! that needed revising. Fingers crossed for an acceptance!
Unfortunately, I received a rejection from On the Premises for their latest contest.

I’d also like to advertise the blog hop I participated in two weeks ago and will be available to hop on to again on Monday, February 10. You are invited to write something about your favorite character. Check it out here.


Blog hops are fun and you get to meet fellow writers like yourself and a chance to promote your own blog as well.

Thought for the Day: Stimulate your writing anyway you can and don’t be afraid to do some publicizing. You worked hard and you earned it!


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