Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer’s Blog

Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer's Blog

I know it’s not Friday, but I have decided to participate in a blog hop. So: without further ado:
The question is: What writing tools do I use? Well, duh, it goes without saying, I use a laptop as my number one writing tool. But I am also a bit old school so I use a pen and notebook also. I really think it helps with creativity to write things freehand, but as a modern girl, I am learning to just type off the top of my head right on the keyboard.

I also like to use a dictionary/thesaurus–but a lot of times, I use online resources for that as well.

Because I also write articles, I research via the internet, but also books that I have in my massive library, (at least when I can find them).

One of the most important writing tools I use is encouragement from other writers, and hence, this blog hop. One of the biggest supports I have is reading and commenting on Melinda Moore’s Enchanted Spark writing blog. She also has a writing contest, but I get the most benefit just listening to her wisdom and chatting with other writers. Especially helpful is her Spark Tally Friday, where we encourage each other with how many words we wrote for the week.

Try it sometime, yourself. This has been an amazing writing week for me if I count Saturday as this week because I sold two stories. Just keeping optimism going is a writing tool. Hope others out there are keeping upbeat about their writing, too.

Thought for the Day: Whatever writing tools you use, keep the words flowing.


7 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer’s Blog”

  1. Congratulations on the two stories sold! That is fantastic. I agree, encouragement is a huge tool–and it’s free, at least as far as money goes. May you have many more such productive weeks!

    1. Thank you so much for your comments and for checking out my blog. Come back soon. I always try to encourage other writers. I also post my rejections so I can keep it real.

    1. Yes, I am an old schooler. I have notebooks full of my free hand stories. I am trying, though, also to write straight from the laptop now, so I guess I am a cross-writer as far as the pen and the keyboard go.

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