Writing Wins and Woes: Letting your light shine

Writing Wins and Woes: Letting your light shine

What does it mean to let your light shine as a writer? I think it means to keep going even when the path seems darkest, and to let your message, whatever that may be, to shine through your writing. I try to keep my writing consistent with my world view, which is Christian. I have no problems with spells, magic or the supernatural. I can separate fantasy from reality, I do, however, like tales of good vs. evil and good doesn’t always win out at the end. Life isn’t always like that. I do like to weave a little of my beliefs in my stories when I can. After all, our stories are little pieces of ourselves, aren’t they?

I have been a very productive writer this week. I have unveiled my contest. It begins immediately and you can submit until March 25th of this year. Details are found here on my blog.

I made a writing resolution to write 3000 words a week, and I made my goal. Yay! I wrote 3100 words this week. I wrote a new flash story and have one of my stories I have been working on up to over 6000 words. My third accomplishment was submitting 6 stories this week. Why did I do this? Well, Knowonder!, who has been kind enough to publish three of my stories in two anthologies is now offering an opportunity for writers to submit short stories in a view to have them published in a book of their own short story collections. In order to do that, I must begin by having five short stories published on their site. When that happens, then I must write 10-15 more which will be included in a collection. Phew! Sounds challenging, but I’m up for the challenge. Writers write better when they’re motivated. If you’d like to read about this latest development at Knowonder! here is a link to it.

I also submitted to Page and Spine, where my good writing friend, Melinda Moore, has been recently accepted for a story she wrote. I got a very nice, rejection(groan) letter saying it was a good story idea but needs some work to tighten it up and change at the end so the character actually grows. I know that is necessary for a great story. In fairness, I wrote the story some time ago, so Melinda has graciously offered to help me hone my skills a little on this particular story, so I can publish it somewhere…hopefully.

Thought for the Day: You guessed it; Let your light shine as a writer, in whatever ways you want to show the world your talent. And if you’re not a writer, let your light shine in every way you can.


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