Paint Splashes

Paint Splashes

Announcing the unveiling of my contest, now called Paint Splashes. This contest is based on my husband’s painting, which is pictured on this blog. Please involve this painting in an integral part of your story. The story must be a flash story. That means 1000 words or less. Please send your stories to in the body of your email. No attachments, please. No indented paragraphs, single spaced. Other than that, I have no requirements. Please keep your stories PG. Because this is my husband’s painting, he and my daughter will be judging your stories. When they’ve narrowed it to two and hopefully, I get more submissions than two, I will pick the winner and runner-up. The winner will receive $10 paypal money and the runner-up will receive $5 paypal money. The contest begins immediately and will end March 25th, 2014. That is my husband’s birthday. I’m looking forward to receiving your stories. Please tell a friend and feel free to share this post. I’d like to receive lots of submissions. Please mark your subject line with Submission:Title of Story. Thanks. Winner will be announced by April 1st. Paypal money will be awarded upon notification of winning. Winning stories will be posted on my blog. All rights remain with the writer. Please keep grammar mistakes to a minimum. I do reserve the right to edit but will okay any and all changes with the writer. As this is my first contest, I hope I included all necessary information. Please comment on any missing pieces I failed to consider. Again, please share with all your writing friends.


8 thoughts on “Paint Splashes”

  1. Very excited about your contest, Shari. Sorry I couldn’t come up with any titles. I honestly did give it some thought. One question: Is it open to all genres?

    The twitter blasting will commence immediately. Let’s get this rolling!

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