A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

I’m pleased and proud to share this link to my prize winning story, “Ashes to Ashes” that is posted on Enchanted Conversation. It is a modern fairy tale story with a twist and I hope you like it.

I’ve had three rejections this week, two from Kids’Ark, one I received on Thanksgiving Day. You know what? I’m thankful for rejections, because they make me a stronger writer. I no longer get devastated when I get one, at least not as often. I also got a rejection from Strange Horizons. I keep trying.

I am hoping to soon post a book review. I am presently reading a 600 plus page book about a personal idol of mine, Elvis Presley. I know, I know very corny, but the book is fascinating.
This picture is one of my husband’s paintings. I thought it seemed very fairy tale and Cinderella like so I posted it to celebrate my story.

Thought for the Day: Use interests and research as a springboard to write a fantastic story. If it doesn’t get published, keep trying. I am currently working on improving some stories I wrote on The Children’s Blizzard.

Please if you read my blog, comment. I’d like to know that somebody is out there, and I’m still waiting for more feedback on my upcoming contest, beginning in January, based on one of my husband’s paintings. Let me know what you think. Should it be flash stories or longer? The prize will be small, sorry. $10 pay pal money for the winner and $5 for the runner up. Tell your writing friends to read my blog and let me know what you think. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “A Writer’s Blog”

  1. Hi Shari. I’d love to enter your contest if you decided to host one (as long as you don’t mind a submission coming from outside the USA). I think any length would be great, but flash fiction is a personal favorite of mine. I love the challenge of fitting an entire story in less than a thousand words, of pushing every sentence, word, and comma to the max.

    1. I’d love you to enter. I was thinking of the exact same thing about flash fiction. I love to write it and I love to read it. It seems to be what Daily Science Fiction mostly does as well. So, I’ll have more info soon on my blog about the contest. Thanks for the encouragement. Keep tuning in to my blog.

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