A writer’s Blog

A writer's Blog

Change is good, right? You may have noticed a change in my blog. That’s because it needed a change. I now display my links much more prominently to the right side, along with the following button. I have a lot of good links listed and I will add more as I go along. I’ve also drifted away from the dark color. It’s an optimistic blog, so I want to keep the colors light.

Now, for the news…Drum roll, please…I’ve had two acceptances this week. One was for the Enchanted Conversation monthly contest. My story should be featured there by the time the month is out. Also, I’ve had an acceptance at YouthImagination for a story there that will be posted hopefully the beginning of December. Yay me! I also had one rejection from The Story Quest Contest, where I got into the second round. They had 114 entries. 29 made it into the second round but as per usual in that contest, I could not progress to the finalists list. I’m so excited about the other two acceptances, though, it failed to even give me a sad thought. Well, maybe one.

I submitted to two places this week: Spark and On the Premises.

I hope every one is writing who reads this blog. What inspires you? I get inspired by art, tv shows, books I’ve read and even weird names of people or funny little anecdotes.

I have something brewing in my head for next year, because I need more traffic on my blog. I will pose the question to you, readers, how about a contest where I post one of my husband’s paintings and you send me your stories? It will be a once and done thing for now. First prize will be $10 Runner up will be $5 paid through paypal. I’m going to have my husband and daughter choose the finalists. I only choose between the winner and the runner-up. What do you say? Good idea? I need feed back here and more traffic and more comments. I would begin in January and end in February or March.

Thought for the Day: Be inspired today by something, anything and write.


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