A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

As a writer I find myself always waiting. Waiting to hear from a publisher. Waiting for just the right story to inspire me. Waiting for publication of an accepted story. Yay! That’s a good waiting and of course, most of the time waiting for rejections. What does that have to do with my picture? This is a picture of our former dog waiting for us to come home.

Well, I wanted to get this blog going before Saturday. Due to an unexpected 12 hour work day I was not able to blog sooner. One of the things I’m waiting for at the moment is the results of a contest I entered which was supposed to post the final winners about this date, but so far, I haven’t heard. I’ll let you know when I do.

I forgot to include submissions and rejections last week so I’ll post them this week. Last week, I received a rejection from Timeless Tales. This week I received one from Space Squid. I submitted to two places last week: Tanglewood Press and Strange Horizon and this week I submitted to three places: Youth’Magination, Suddenly Lost in Words and Guardian Angel kids.

Thought for the Day: When you are in a waiting mode, stay positive and keep writing. Also keep submitting. I find it easier to accept rejections because I always have something else out there so that keeps me hopeful.


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