A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

Sorry, if I am messing you up with these Thursday blogs. But the last two weeks I’ve had more time on Thursday than Friday. Today, I’m going to do something a little different and toot somebody else’s horn. My writing friend, Melinda Moore, has a story out in Tales of the Talisman, a speculative fiction printed magazine. It’s always exciting when one of my writing friends scores with a story or book. We’re all pulling for each other. Melinda’s story is called, “Storyteller’s Initiation” and as usual, she’s managed to weave her love of culture, music and story telling into this beautifully written narrative. It is all about Tia, who is the storyteller of her pueblo. During a rain dance she meets a flute player named Kokopelli, who begs her for a story. Tia only knows stories she’s been told, but with Kokopelli’s help, she learns to tell her own new stories. That’s all I’m saying. To read this wonderful story, you’ll have to purchase a copy of the magazine. Here’s the link. http://www.talesofthetalisman.com/
Are you in the mood for a fairy tale? How about reading, The Light Princess by George MacDonald. There is so much i love about this book. First of all, the pictures in it are by Maurice Sendak, where the wild things are. The story is relatively short. 110 pages, and it concerns a girl who is cursed with no gravity. How she finds a way to stay put is what you’ll discover reading this book. I loved it.
Okay, now for the update on my picture book. I submitted it! Yay! It’s been submitted and I will definately let you know when I hear anything about it. Fingers crossed, good thoughts and prayers, please. Not every book is accepted, of course, and no matter what, I’m not stopping. Onward.
Besides submitting my book, I won’t tell you where yet, I also submitted an article to Guardian angel Kids. I got an answer from one of my queries, a rejection from Leading Edge. It was personal and full of good advice. I’ll improve the story and send it somewhere else one of these days.
Thought for the Day: Any progression forward is victory;not moving forward is defeat. So progress in whatever area you excel in. I’m going to.


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