A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

What is water good for? It’s good for cleansing, cooling, refreshing, quenching thirst and the word that first came to mind, reflection. As a writer, reflection is one of those much needed disciplines to rejuvenate the writing juices. Also reflection is needed to change direction in what we write or how we write. Reflection is something I use often when I begin a story. I reflect on something I’ve seen, or an idea that came to me, or even a book I’ve read.

While I’m on that subject, I recently read Therese Raquin by Emile Zola. According to Zola he was inspired to write this book by another book he read that dealt with human punishment of a murderer and his mistress. He thought that a more powerful book could be written using divine punishment. Therese Raquin is powerful. It’s about poetic justice. The emotional nerve of the book is chilling. It concerns a man who has an affair with his best friend’s wife. They murder the husband so they are free to marry and claim for themselves the family business. It doesn’t work out at all the way they planned. The agony their minds are subjected to because of guilt is the basis of the book. This story is dark and chilling.

Query Time: When paging through my numerous submissions, I saw a pattern. I have many that have never received a reply, so it was time to write some queries. In a way, I hate queries, because it is often like asking for a rejection. Once receiving my query, I feel like the editors say “Oh, did I miss sending you that rejection? I’ll get that right off to you.” But, as writers, we ask for them anyway.

I had two standard, impersonal rejections this week: one from Vestal Review and one from Blank Fiction. I submitted to three places this week: The Story Quest contest, Grim Corps and Timeless Tales. As usual, I’ll let you know my results.

Final word: I have finally decided to submit my picture book for children that I have had stewing for years, and I mean years. I wrote the book, drew the pictures for it, and my husband hand painted them. I have been sitting on it mostly because I haven’t known where to send it, but I believe I have found the right place now. We still have some finishing touches to do, and then I have to take pictures of the paintings and assemble the book but hopefully, in a week or two, I will be able to submit it. I’ll keep you posted as the story enfolds. Keep the prayers, good thoughts and crossed fingers going for me.

Thought for the day: Keep the creative juices flowing in whatever way you can. Visit a new place, read a new book, observe and reflect.

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