my article with Guardian Angel Kids on Alpacas

my article with Guardian Angel Kids on Alpacas

I’m very excited to post this link to an article I’ve written in the new issue of Guardian Angel Kids on Farming. Another reason for my sunny disposition is that I had two acceptances this week. Along with the article cited, I had an acceptance from Strange Musings for their anthology, Alternate Hilarities, which is scheduled for publication in early 2014. It will be the first publication in which I will share in the proceeds from the sales of the book. So that is exciting for me.


I also had two rejections this week: one from Lakeside Circus and the Photo Flare Contest, where Melinda very kindly informed me that I was in her top three. Well, onward and hopefully, upwards. I submitted to three places this week. One is to Enchanted Conversation contest. This is a site dedicated to Fairy tales although stories contributed do not have to be fairy tales, they must have the feel of a fairy tale. I also submitted to Shimmer and a new women’s zine, called Up Do. I’ll let you know as always.

Thought for the Day: Often times Editors will give you advice. If it is any way practical, take it. The advice of others is always valuable. I did get two pieces of advice last week. I’m not sure about the one but the other was very interesting. I started a new story this week and I’m glad I’m still able to write, even though I’m tired. I had two days this week where I started work at 6:30 in the morning, not my favorite hours, I assure you. Though working because I need to, I’m not giving up on my writing dreams. Don’t give up on your dreams either whatever they may be. I guess that’s two thoughts for the day. Bonus!


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