A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

I’m sure this is shameless advertising but I do love my corgi. It’s been fun finding new places to take her for walks and hikes. We recently went to the new and improved Turkey Hill Trail, which is a Rails to Trails place but found we liked the old Turkey Hill Trail best, the one that climbs way, way up the hill but at the top has such a spectacular view. We went on the trail developing in Marietta, PA which is supposed to link up with our town one of these days. This is a wonderful paved trail that just ends eventually onto a little grassy path that leads right down to the river, where Lucy wades in and gets a drink. I love all the nostalgia of all these walks that will soon end because it will be too cold.

What I don’t love these days is my writing career, which has fizzled out. I submit, submit, submit and receive rejections galore. I received one yesterday that was very nice, offered some suggestions that I’m pretty sure I don’t want to make to alter my story and invited a rewrite. Hate it! I also got a rejection from Highlights which I didn’t understand. It was an article I wrote about a first hand account of an event I helped with, and they said it lacked a bibliography. How can you include a bibliography of an event that you personally participated in? The research was all just me being there and observing, and interviewing. Whatever! I’m baffled. I also got a rejection from Alternate Hilarities and Shine Brightly, making it a whopping 4 rejection week. To counter that I submitted to three places: Another to Alternate Hilarities(making that two submissions to them) and Kids Ark.

Thought for the Day: Put special effort into your first and last lines. The first is what snags the reader’s attention and gets them to read on, and the last is what lingers in their mind, leaving them wanting more, which you can then supply.


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