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Because I’ve recently read yet another book about Sylvia Plath, I’ve decided to dedicate this particular blog to her. Though it seems strange to focus on someone who committed suicide, Sylvia Plath has inspired me to continue on in my writing journey through failure. Whatever her personal demons were, and the fact that she couldn’t ultimately conquer them makes me more determined to stick with my writing and publishing dreams. I’m more and more convinced that success doesn’t just happen, it is hard fought for.

Anyway, the recent book I read about Sylvia Plath is titled, Sylvia and Ted. Product DetailsThis book is interesting because it sheds a bit more light on why Sylvia became so desperate in her life journey. Having only recently discovered that her husband’s mistress was expecting a baby, Sylvia’s hopes of a reunion with her husband were dashed. This book is a bit confusing because it goes back and forth between Sylvia, Ted and Assia. Over all, however, I enjoyed it.

Product DetailsWintering was another book I enjoyed reading. This book portrays Sylvia Plath in quiet desperation. You can feel her driving passion in this book as she wakes in the middle of the night to write poetry. This is something I’ve often done. This is a time she had while her children slept. Life didn’t turn out for Sylvia the way she had hoped. For writers, our dreams are often unfulfilled. Perhaps we should see our lives as more about the game than the final outcome. There has to be a point where we can find our contentment in our day to day writing life; not just in another publication. Our writing must be about something, because it reveals so much of ourselves.

Okay, for the nitty gritty. I submitted two things this week: one to the Photo Flare contest and one to the Penn Cove contest. I was rejected twice, by my last Penn Cove submission, which wasn’t selected, and Buzzy Mag. It’s not about the outcome, it’s about the game.

Thought for the Day: Let failure inspire you. You can’t fail unless you try. It shows you’re trying.

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