A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

Again, I am posting one of my hubby’s paintings that I enjoy. This woman, complete with pig, seems to make a real fashion statement to me. She is eclectic as most of the most fascinating people are.

This is rather a short post. I submitted two items this week. One to Blank Fiction Magazine (It’s new) and one to Daily Science Fiction. I keep trying.

I also received one acceptance this week, as posted, from Guardian Angel Kids.There are some very kind people there who keep featuring things from me. A big thank you to them, esp. Mary Sue Roberts.

I also received one rejection from Liquid Imagination. It was a personal rejection. Two people commented. One liked the story; one didn’t. One commented on how they liked the ending; the other said the ending needed work. I’m not sure what I can learn from that.

I believe I still have about 18 things out there waiting to be noticed. Hoping for some good news.
I’m writing again! Yay! I wrote a new story and am working on another after a very bad writing month.

Thought for the Day: I saw this on the wall at the place I work and I stole the quote. Never ever ever give up!


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