A Writer’s Blog

A  Writer's Blog

Hello. Happy Friday on Thursday. Confused? Maybe I am. Since I started working, many of my days are all mixed up. However, I felt like blogging today and who knows what tomorrow brings. I’ll start with my statistic counts:
Rejections this week: 1 (enchanted spark’s contest)
Acceptances this week: 0 (still waiting for word on my rewrite)
Stories in the Waiting Room: 17
Status on Book: 3 Rejections, 3 still waiting
Stories submitted this week: 1(to Highlights)
My work week was 8 hours on Monday, 4 hours on Tuesday, 4 hours on Wednesday and will be 4 hours today. Tomorrow, I am off. So that means I will do some writing, hopefully. I’m going to try to do some today, too. My writing has been abysmal in August.
As promised, I want to do a book review today on the Lincoln book I read. The book was titled, Lincoln: A Man of Faith and Courage by Joe Wheeler. I really enjoyed this book. It is aptly subtitled Stories of Our Most Admired President. I do believe that Lincoln is almost always on everyone’s top ten presidential lists. Joe Wheeler, the author, is an expert on Zane Grey and has spent a lifetime collecting info on Lincoln. It was well worth it because this book taught me things I didn’t know about Lincoln. Apparently, he was a real life superhero. He was super strong. Lincoln was known to have lifted a half a ton in his younger years. He also picked up and carried a whole chicken house from one place to another. A regular Samson of the Bible. Another facet of Lincoln I like that the author brought out was his sense of humor. Once, when walking down the street, Lincoln saw a sign that said T. R. Strong. He looked at his companion with a grin and said, “T. R. Strong but coffee is stronger.” I liked that Lincoln had that kind of likeable, silly humor about him. Lincoln’s life, however, was no laughing matter. He was often depressed and lived with a wife often tottering on the brink of breakdown. He suffered so many deaths and losses in his years before and during the presidency yet carried our country through crisis. This book is highly recommended.
Thought for the Day: When you feel you have nothing to write about, write anyway. Sometimes something comes from nothing. If it doesn’t, at least you’re practicing for when the spark reinvents itself.


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