A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

Just a brief word on my blog today. It’s been a busy week working for the first time in many years. Well, I got back two replies where I only sent in a few chapters and they were rejections (for my book) I also got a rejection from a place that said they were honored to be sent my book but they didn’t do middle grade children’s fiction. It wasn’t on their website, so… that leaves me three more to go that I sent in. If they are negatives as well, I guess I’ll be back to scouting for more publishers.I also received a request for a rewrite for a children’s short story I wrote from another ezine I submitted to. I sent that rewrite back but haven’t heard back from them yet. That is far from a sure thing. I submitted to one place this week: Four Star Stories, which I found out about from Melinda. Thank you, Melinda for supplying me with another place to try to submit to…
I just finished a book on Lincoln and I hope to blog about that next week. Found out some interesting stuff about him I didn’t know.
Thought for the Day: A rejection doesn’t mean your story is no good. It just means it wasn’t a fit for that particular publication, so dry your eyes and send it somewhere else.


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