A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

Even though we are on vacation, I wanted to share a brief blog. We have had a fun vacation full of hiking, a zoo(where this picture was taken) an amusement park, a farmer’s market and movies. Lots of exciting stuff.
I did manage to send in a story to Space Squid in all the craziness of the week. I also, unfortunately, got three rejections this week: one from Soundings Review, one from Stupifying Stories and a personal one from Kids’ Ark. No acceptances. I counted what I still have out in space waiting for acceptance/rejection and there are 17.

I thought I’d share a little book review. I just finished a book called Storm in the village by Miss Read. I love the Miss Read books. Miss Read is actually a pseudonym for a character in her books. Dora Jessie Saint is her real name. She writes about a school teacher named Miss Read. Dora was an English school teacher herself. Her books ( and there are about two dozen Miss Read books) are beautifully written. I started reading them when I purchased two at a book sale. Have I ever said how much I love book sales. I went to one this week. In the books, Miss Read teaches at Fairacre schools, and she is assisted by another teacher who teaches the younger children, which are called the Infants’ classes, although I believe they are more like 5 or 6 year olds. For comic effect, there are actually many, there is a cleaning lady named Mrs. Pringle, never satisfied, always full of advice. In this particular book, the storm is actually a scandal concerning Miss Jackson the infants’ teacher. It wouldn’t be a scandal by today’s standards, but at that time of propriety it wasn’t anything goes. Anyway, if you enjoy English literature, I recommend any of the Miss Read books.
Thought for the Day: Joy is a decision. Try to find the joy in things. Optimism keeps you keeping on.

One thought on “A Writer’s Blog”

  1. Beautiful picture as usual 🙂 The Miss Read books sound like ones I would enjoy. I’ll have to ive them a try. Sorry for the rejections but you still have a lot of hope out in the universe.

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