New story for the Aviation issue

New story for the Aviation issue

This is the link for my new story in the aviation issue of Guardian Angel Kids for August. I’ve been blessed to have had something in every issue of Guardian Angel Kids since March of this year. This story is very exciting for me because I am obsessed with the Dust bowl and this is one of the dust bowl stories that I wrote for children. I have written about 4 Dust Bowl stories. 

Statistics: I had two wonderfully nice rejections this week; one from Enchanted Spark, where I was runner up in the current contest, and one from this month’s Penn Cove judge. Penn Cove was nice enough to give me some advice about my story and told me to send it to Soundings Review as a children’s/Ya story so I’m hoping that pans out. I looked on the writer’s guidelines for Soundings and it said they didn’t read over the summer but when I emailed back to the Penn judge, Cathy Parker, she told me they do read year round and I should go ahead and send it so I did. I don’t know if rejections can ever be enjoyable but the two I got this week were about as painless as they come. And of course, I had one acceptance this week from Guardian angel kids. Yay!

Okay, I sent in 4 things for publications this week. Why four? Well, next week we are on vacation which means no writing and no pressure to send anything in. I am taking a brief break. Writers need to do that from time to time. So I sent to:Soundings Review, Metro Fiction, Daily Science Fiction and Stupifying Stories.  It would be a miracle to get into any one of these. I’m hoping for at least two.

Thought for the Day: See rejections as positive step toward your end goal, which is learning. I think I had this thought before. Rejections are not all negative. On a personal rejection, you often get some good advice, and sometimes if someone says they like what you’ve done, it just didn’t quite make the cut, it does put a band-aid on the hurt. So put a band-aid on and heal! You’ll be a much better writer for it.


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