A writer’s blog

A writer's blog

I thought I’d feature the book with two of my short stories in it on my blog today. I know I am tooting my own horn but the stories of dragons and princesses in this edition are fabulous. They are called read aloud stories because they are great little adventure stories to read to your kids for bedtime or any time. Enough bragging!

So this week has been fun. I received copies of my book in the mail, which is always great and found out I had an article accepted for guardian angel kids, yay! And as usual, I received a few rejections. One was from Spider, and another was from Contrary. They were nice enough to tell me to keep submitting. Also, I wasn’t selected by Penn Cove literary award. Only one person is selected so I call that a rejection as well.

I submitted to three places this week. I submitted two articles to Guardian angel kids and Writing for Dollars and sent a story to Electric spec.

Thought for the Day: Block out distractions while writing. There are always distractions in every shape and form. Do your best to write through them.


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