A writer’s blog

A writer's blog

I was thinking that a writer’s life is a bit like this picture. The deer in this picture is a bit hard to see. We couldn’t get too close or we would scare it away. Sometimes my goal as a writer can be a bit obscure. Sometimes I can even get sidetracked in my goal and too sure what my focus even should be. Anyway, here’s to clarity as a writer.

This week was a big up and a big down. My big up was finding that the book from knowonder! with two of my stories in it was coming out in the beginning of July. I was paid for both the stories, and earned a lot for me this month, about one hundred dollars.

My down was that I got three rejections this week. Two from the same place, cadet quest and one from The Colored Lens. It was a personal rejection. It was a very hard rejection. I was told my characters were flat, the relationship between them was not believable and my metaphors were contrived. Then it went on to say I know you’ll find a home for this story. It made me laugh. What? With contrived metaphors and unbelievable and flat characters, who would want it? I was glad I could laugh about it. Laugh so you don’t cry, right? So I went to work revising the story to add a scene so the relationship between my characters would seem more real, and therefore, less flat, I hope.

Anyway, I submitted to three places this week. Pockets, The Colored Lens(thus the personal rejection which I got the same day I submitted it, no less) and Guardian Angel Kids.

Thought for the Day: Seek for clarity in writing. Also use only necessary and pertinent metaphors and make your characters believable and real.


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