A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

Bring on those lazy, hazy crazy days of Summer! okay, technically it’s not summer. It’s still spring. But it feels like summer here in the Northeast with temps in the 90’s every day and hot, sticky and humid.

However, I have not been lazy. I wrote two stories this week. In fact, I wrote every day except Monday, which was a holiday and a family cook-out day at a beautiful park.

I got one rejection this week. I thought I would squeak by with no bad news but I got this one in the mail today. It was from Highlights for Children. It was a standard rejection letter, checked at not suited for our present needs.

I submitted to Ardor and the Kids’ Ark.

If you are tired of the heat, how about a book about a blizzard? The book is called “The Children’s Blizzard” by David Laskin. I used the book for a few stories I wrote. It is a non-fictional account that reads like a thriller. I kid you not. There are death-defying stories and stories of death relating to a terrible blizzard in 1888 called “The Children’s Blizzard”, hence the title, because many children got caught in it coming home from school. Many children and teachers also were caught in it at school, as well. This book is full of midwest grit and courage. Please read it if you can get a copy of it. I was impressed.

Thought for the Day: When your heart is breaking over rejections, as mine often is, write your heart out. It helps.


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