A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

Writing can be a little damaging to the ego. I’ve had three rejections this week. One to a publication I submitted to by mail just this week. That one was to Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine. I also had rejections from Allegory and The First Line, I’ll have to confess the last one threw me because I had high hopes for a story I sent to them. I got a very nice rejections letter from Allegory. They said my story was clearly written and had some beautiful description but there wasn’t enough of a twist and the story wasn’t novel enough. I also submitted to On the Premises this week.

I did get some good news this week. Knowonder! is finally getting the stories I had accepted there ready for a July publication in a print and Kindle book. So my stories will be in another printed collection. Yay!

Wishing my readers a very happy holiday weekend. I did finish the second Hunger Games book by the way. I enjoyed the creativity of the way the Games were done in this book, but overall liked the first story much better and wasn’t wowed by the ending.

Thought for the Day: Keep believing in yourself. For me I also believe in God who inspires me to keep fighting for what I believe in; which in this case is to be a successful writer.


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