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Lucy 7months 014This has been a week of disappointments. So, I am going to get them out of the way. As I mentioned last time, there is no such thing as a thin-skinned writer. I had three rejections this week. One of them was gut wrenching. I got all the way to Round three in Untied Shoelaces of the Mind, which I guess I thot was pretty much of a shoe-in there, and was ultimately rejected. To add insult to injury, their critique of my work wasn’t very nice. I don’t want to mention names, so I’ll just say “He said, She said”. He said he was iffy from the start on my story. Then he got someone else to read it, and she said, she didn’t half-way crack a smile the whole way through. Ouch! My thin skin is showing again! So that confirmed it for him. Rejection! My second and third rejections of the week came from Aurora Wolf and Daily Science Fiction. I admire my friend, Holly, for being able to get in Daily Science Fiction. I haven’t been able to yet.

I submitted to two places, as usual, this week. One was to Eric’s Hysterics. He said he doesn’t send rejection letters and if he doesn’t reply in a week, consider yourself rejected. At least I’ll be spared that agony there. The second place I submitted to was allegory, with a new story I wrote.

Okay, now let’s get happy. I want to plug a book my daughter encouraged me to read. It is called Origins by Jessica Khoury. I usually don’t read much my daughter reads, and although I love to write speculative stories, I mostly read literature. But it is very fun to dabble in speculative reading sometimes and it can give you great story ideas. This book is no exception. The subject of the book is an immortal girl named Pia. The story is an exciting read. I think I read it in two weeks. I recommend it highly. It’s more of a YA book but is worth reading. Jessica is only 22 and this is her first novel.

Next, I want to recommend a story in Emerald Sky, a wonderful online mag by TM Publishing. I’ll try to include a link but I don’t know if it will work. Read the story, “The Unseen Truths” by Liz Colter. I really liked it. It is about masks.

Anyway, thought for the day. If you like to write, make some writing friends. They will encourage you. My writing friends, Melinda Moore and Holly Jennings have encouraged me a lot. It isn’t true that writers can’t be friends, because they are always competing. A little healthy competition can be nice.


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  1. Oh the pain and suffering of Untied Shoelaces 🙂 You got a lot of work done last week despite your rejections, so I’m impressed. Some weeks like that for me I don’t get anything done. Thanks for the reading recommendations and shout out 🙂

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