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651In our church at the small group I attend we sometimes open our time with an ice-breaker question, where we all groan collectively because we usually don’t know how to answer these precarious kinds of questions. One week it was “What kind of animal describes you?” While I don’t remember what animal I chose, I do remember what animal a friend of mine chose. It was a porcupine.

Well, sometimes I feel writing is like that. It’s a little prickly, and uncomfortable. You get rejections and you feel people are backing away from you. You meander up to them, saying “Hi. Look what I have to offer.” Their reply is “We don’t want it. It’s not what we’re looking for.”

I had two of those this week when I was rejected by Prairie Schooner and Wisdom Crieth Without. I had submitted two poems to the second place. Poems are always full of your raw emotions. You really feel they are rejecting a little piece of you when a poem is turned down.

However, I persevere. I did have another article accepted by Guardian Angel Kids. As usual, my writing for children succeeds where my writing for adults suffers.

I submitted to two places again this week. I had an unusually hard time scouting them out this week. One was to Liquid Imagination and the second was to Aurora Wolf again for a story I have tried before to a few other places. Groan!

Thought for the day: Writing is not for those with thin skins. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Sharpen your writing quills, and stick it to them (but in a good way with your best story)


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