A writer’s blog

A writer's blog

With writing, you have to keep your eye on the prize. What is the prize? Is it publication? Is it keeping on track with daily writing? Is it the pride and satisfaction of finishing a story you’re pleased with? Is it the money you get from a piece’s acceptance? Or is the euphoria you feel when seeing that published work either on-line or in print? Well, the prize is all of these and more.
This week I had to put personal concerns aside, because it was a week that had its traumas, and just write. I had quite a few downers this week. Only one was with writing. That’s the only one I will include. I submitted a story to Aurora Wolf and got it rejected the very next day; fastest rejection ever for me. For those who think writing is a big ego trip, you should try it some time.
So, I had two rejections this week, one from Aurora Wolf and one from Strange Horizons. I submitted to Aurora Wolf, Aletheia Mag and Spellbound.
I want to recommend a fun literary read this week. I recently read Flush by Virginia Woolf. It is a dog’s eye view of life with Robert and Elizabeth Barett Browning. It is light and funny. I enjoyed it.
Thought for the Day: Keep your focus strong and steady. Life is too short for pity parties and distractions. Enjoy your day!


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