A Writer’s blog

A Writer's blog

In honor of my love for trees and in appreciation of the fact that two of my tree stories were published as well as one of my tree articles for Guardian Angel Kids, I thought I’d post a tree painting that my husband did a while ago.
This has been an eventful week. I got an article accepted and published in Guardian Angel Kids ezine, called, “There’s a dog in the library”. I posted a link in my last blog in case anyone is interested in reading it. I also had a story rejected for Flash Fiction Online. I believe this was my third try for this particular story, and some optimistic news is that my runner-up story for the Enchanted Spark contest has now reached stage 3 in Untied Shoelaces of the Mind. I’ll keep you posted! I’m excited it went this far even if it is not published.
I submitted a story and two poems this week: the story to Strange Horizons (a long shot) and two poems to Wisdom Crieth Without (a bit of a long shot as well).
I thought I’d plug one of my favorite writers today, C S Lewis. I loved all of the Narnia books and am presently reading some of his biographical and works on the Bible, Surprised by Joy is very insightful and gives a unique view into why he went from being an athiest to a believer in God. I love to read author’s biographies. If you, the reader of this blog, have read any you liked, let me know. My absolute favorite that inspired me to publish was Sylvia Plath’s journals. It was from her that I learned that you need to submit hundreds of times to publish. She being dead still speaks.
Anyway, thought for the day: Don’t overthink while writing, particularly in rough draft stages. Let thoughts flow. I’ve been getting bogged down lately by a story I’m working on and need to practice that.


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