A writer’s blog

A writer's blog

Sometimes we have to look for the positives. It was hard to find them these last two weeks. I got no acceptances and no rejections. One market I consistently submit to has become unresponsive, and Knowonder! has told me in a rather generally sent email that they are no longer planning print collections at this time. They will publish accepted pieces at some time this year, but not sure when. This really discouraged me because I had two stories accepted for their next collection. Oh well. Things are out of my hands. Wait and see is a common complaint for writers.
On the other hand, this is Good Friday. It is a beautiful day. The weather is finally beginning to turn. At least it is close to fifty degrees now and not 30 and snowy. Spring is slowly eeking in.
I submitted two stories this week, one to Leading Edge Magazine, my dragon story, and one to Vestal Review. I had to cut this story significantly to fit the requirements of 500 words. I worked some more on my current story patterned loosely after Hunger Games and plan to do some revising yet on my children’s work. I will keep pressing on.
Thought for the day: Don’t curb the enthusiasm and don’t let editors get you down. I’m going to try following my advice.


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