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Well, this has been a pretty uneventful week.  Despite waiting on pins and needles, I didn’t get one acceptance or rejection this week.  I did, however, finally come up with a new story idea and started working on that.  I have 1300 words on it so far and it seems like a good one. I have it mapped out, just not quite sure about the ending yet.

So, I sent in two stories this week. One I sent to Electricspec. And I finally found a place that takes humorous stories that are more than 1000 words. it was hard to find a place that specifically had a humor category.  Well, this is where I sent my runner-up story to from the Photo Flare Contest.  Hopefully, I’ll hear from them soon.  I’m taking a chance sending to them as they defintely didn’t like my last story. Anyway, I sent it to Untied Shoelaces of the Mind.
Nothing left to say but my thought for the day: Keep working on old projects. I started working this week on a book I’ve been working on for two years. I finally decided it was time to start revising and look into submitting it somewhere.


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