my writer’s blog with acceptance news!

my writer's blog with acceptance news!

It is getting to the point where I no longer remember what day I am on in this blog, so I am officially dropping the days. This week is one of those weeks where someone says to you, “I have some good news and some bad news…” Well, lets be positive and deliver the good news first. I had a story accepted by Knowonder! Yay! This is my second story accepted for the princess and dragon issue. This particular story had no dragon in it, just a princess. I had to edit it a bit, but after the edits they officially accepted it. However, the bad news is I also had a rejection from Daily Science Fiction on a story I really liked. Just to say sort of “In your face…” ha ha I sent it immediately out again to Flash Fiction Online. It made me feel good. I also submitted three other stories, one to Guardian Angel Kids for the confidence theme, a story about my little puppy (pictured) and two this time for the Photo Flare Contest. Yes, I am trying again, Melinda. So to sum up, one acceptance, one rejection this week. Not bad.
My story is to be published on MetroMoms this Sunday. Yay also! I will post a link to it on facebook, maybe on here if I figure out how to do it properly. I had to go through two edits of that story.
My thought for the day: When rejected, send the story out somewhere else. I often try to edit and make it better first. But either way, send it again. You never know.


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