Day 18 of a Writer’s blog

Day 18 of a Writer's blog

Although I usually write only once a week, unless there are links to my stories, of course, I wanted to share today because I like to mark moments of success. Most bloggers do. Today I received in the mail my book. Well, it’s not my book. It’s a book of children’s stories, and my story is one of them. Yes, it’s an anthology, and yes, they don’t make me any money, but I’m still happy. I got paid for the story in it, and it is the first book ever with my name in print. Up to this point, I’ve only had magazines with my name in it.
Someday I hope to have a real book published with only my story in it, but for now I’ll be happy with this moment.
So my thought for the day is: Be thankful for every success, small or great.
By the way, the picture posted is my husband’s work again.

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