Day 17 of a writer’s blog

Day 17 of a writer's blog

This is one of my husband’s favorite paintings. He was inspired by fireflies in our local graveyard while walking our then newborn child, who is now 16. Wow!
Being a writer and living with an artist means a messy lifestyle. Nothing really gets too much cleaning or organizing. Artists have no time for those things. They get in the way of creative juices.
Anyway, I digress. This has been a rather uneventful week. Yes, I wrote a story. Yes, I submitted two stories, one to Knowonder! and one to Oneteenstory. But I also received no news of rejections or acceptances. Oh well! No news means no heart breaking rejection news, right?
So my thought for the day is “Wait patiently and use the time you would have spent whining over a rejection to write. Hope it’s a good one for the rest of you writers. If any of you would care to read this blog.


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